Introducing the Boiling Steam Wiki


Within the past year or two, Boiling Steam has grown. Two editors have now become four, and the number of articles we’re publishing has increased drastically. As a result, we’ve needed to become a little more organized.

Ever found yourself scrounging through the search bar trying to find that hardware review that’s a few months old, and has since been buried by newer articles? Starting today, we’re hoping to eliminate that by means of our Wiki. Now you can easily browse our articles in a neatly organized fashion. Articles have been divided by topic, such as game reviews, distro reviews, essays, interviews, among others. Game reviews have further been divided by genre, and you’ll be able to instantly tell whether they were reviewed using Proton or played natively. A table of contents is provided, and you can quickly switch between topics by clicking “Back to Top” at the end of each section to bring you back to said table.

Note that we mostly omitted news articles (except in the “Top 10” category), as those become quickly outdated. Therefore, we opted for “timeless” pieces; something that, even three or four years from now, they will still be a good article to read and look back on. To make navigation to this Wiki page as painless as possible, we’ve added it as a link to the sidebar. (I need to give patola for giving us the idea; he had it a while back and we didn’t get to it until this past week.)

This Wiki page will continue to get updated every month or so so that it can continue to serve as a valuable resource to our readers. Besides our Index page, we also have a few other Wiki pages that you may find useful:

  • Linux Distributions – as the title of the page says, this can help a reader determine what a distro is and perhaps decide which is the best one to use
  • Gamepads Overview – this is a work-in-progress page that goes into detail concerning the various gamepads out there and how they fare with Linux
  • FreeSync – this dives into an overview of FreeSync and the state of its support on Linux

Of course, should any of you have any suggestions as to what we can add to the Wiki, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us here in the Comments section or contact us privately on our About page. Also, here’s a friendly reminder that it’s a little lonely over in our Forum; don’t hesitate to say hello and introduce yourself!