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Our current Editors are:

  • ekianjo: Owner of BoilingSteam. A long time Linux user both on desktop on mobile devices such as the Open Pandora. He has been playing games from the earliest 8 bits computers, spending a lot of time on the Amiga before landing on PC and consoles. Now most of his gaming happens on PC, and only on Linux. He enjoys a wide variety of games, while he does have a preference for story driven games and simulations.
  • podiki: A recent addition to the team, podiki started with Linux over 15 years ago and now games (and works) exclusively on Linux. His formative games were RTSes and RPGs, and now particularly enjoys roguelikes, card games, indies, RPGs, and action games. Besides game reviews and retrospectives, he also thinks and writes about where our hobby and platform are going. podiki has an undying love for Emacs, where he lives his life.
  • Patola: Another recent member, Patola started using Linux exclusively in 1998, partly to get over his addiction to games at the time. Who would guess that Linux would become a viable gaming platform? In the 90’s, he had played all sorts of games, but with the current technology he prefers embarking in an experience with deeply immersive games, especially with Virtual Reality.

New editors and guest writers are always welcome to join us.

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