Who Contributes to ProtonDB? Dec-2018 Edition


There was a new data dump available a couple of hours ago from ProtonDB, so here’s a refresh of the data I shared about november just a few days ago, this time for December 2018. There were less unique contributors, with 1485 individuals for a total of 3541 reports (less than November as well).

Distro-wise, pretty much the same trends as in November, except that SteamOS does not even make it in the top 15 anymore.

Again not much change in CPU brand share. ⅔ for Intel, ⅓ for AMD.

RAM, not much change versus last month. Large amounts of RAM are commonplace among ProtonDB contributors.

GPU brand wise, there is a bit more of NVidia reports this time compared to AMD ones but it’s in the error range (1% difference or so).

NVidia GPUS, there is more reports from GTX970 users than in November. It does not change the relative comparisons, with GTX1060 being the most popular card apparently among Nvidia users in this report. The main change this time is more reports from GTX1050 Ti users, and less from GTX 1080, so that they trade places in ranking. I am still somewhat surprised that there is not much reports for the next generation of NVidia cards (2070 and up) yet.

On the AMD side, the percentages of RX580 users is up by 5 points. Either a bunch of AMD users changed their cards recently, or the folks who have a RX580 were more active than the rest in December to test things under Proton. We should expect to see some RX590 reports coming within 3 months from now since it launched in December and seems to be the rival of the GTX1060 on NVidia’s side.

Let’s finish with what games garnered the largest amount of reports in December 2019:

1Grand Theft Auto V49
2Age of Empires II HD34
3The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt33
4No Man's Sky27
5The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition27
6HITMAN™ 225
7Path of Exile23
8Elite Dangerous21
9The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim20
12Fallout 419
13Quake Champions19
15Fallout: New Vegas17
17Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™16
20LEGO The Lord of the Rings15

Elite Dangerous is now in the top 20, probably because it can now run very well under Proton! I must admit I am a little surprised to see so many reports for Age of Empires II - I guess many fans of the series want to be able to play that game again.

As for the MVP of December, looks like our star of November continued on their streak with another 118 reports just by themselves.

I’ll publish another summary in February I guess! In the meantime if you want to compete for the MVP of January 2019, you know what you have to target… :-)