We Now Support HTTPS

Well, nothing really major to announce, but since already last week you can switch to https:// to access boilingsteam. In case you bookmarked us when we were still using only http://, we’d recommend you now switch to https://www.boilingsteam.com.

In case you are not familiar with what https brings, here’s a quick overview:

  • Authenticity: Makes it clear that you are connected to the right website and not a fake one
  • Confidentiality: Makes the content of the pages you view encrypted to third parties. This is not really important if you are just viewing content, but if you post comments or register a user account with a password you’d certainly want to have that feature.
  • Better search results (Google and others start putting more priority on https sites) and no more warnings from your browsers that your connection is insecure.

Note that HTTPS is not the ultimate weapon to ensure your confidentiality (your ISP still get to see the meta data of your connections, and there’s still your DNS records as well that leak information). But anyway, that’s one more thing you should do for you own sake.

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Could you set up an automatic redirect from http to https?


Great! But I’ve been using the https RSS feed for a while already…?

Speaking of that, the RSS, podcast and newsletter links all point to http:// instead of https:// (RSS and podcast in the right column, and newsletter and RSS in the yellow footer below the articles).