Unrecord, Amazing Upcoming Game from Drama Studios


A short piece of news. We don’t usually cover news about upcoming games, and this is not even directly Linux related, so this will be a exception. Unrecord is a new game that’s being developed by the French dev Drama Studios, and it looks absolutely fantastic. The level of photorealism is something never seen before - not just in the graphics, but in the animations and the very smart use of flexible hand movements in what looks like a first person shooter adventure.

The textures are extremely well done, and the game uses a body-cam angle with a distorsion just like you would expect on something capture by a Go Pro to display the viewpoint of the character, who happens to be a police man.

Fights look stunning with your ahnds moving away from the center position and the camera pivoting accordingly as well:

The whole trailer happens in a single environment, but shows off various kind of lighting effects with great attention to details. The animation of falling enemies is unlike anything seen in other games.

The game is apparently being developed by a very small team currently, which is impressive in itself:

  • ALEXANDRE SPINDLER who’s the Lead programmer and director
  • MICHELE EVANGELISTA is the artist and level designer.

Theo Hiribarne is far from being unknown in France, he used to be very active as a rapper on the music scene until a few years ago, and used the alias Foda C during that time.

There’s a few resources you can check out in the meantime:

It is currently unknown when the game will be released. More on that as soon as we know!