Total War: Warhammer Landing on Linux Next Week


Well, it’s not a secret anymore, Feral is pumping out AAA titles at the fastest rate ever. I’m still nowhere finishing Mad Max and barely at the beginning of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and there comes the next big one already. Not that I am complaining! It’s just that I have not been used to playing so many games at the same time since I turned to Linux, and it’s starting to be a little challenging to keep up! So here it is, Total War: Warhammer is finally hitting Linux very soon.

For once, the release will be first on Linux, since the MacOS version will be using Metal and apparently needs more polish. That probably means that the Linux client will use OpenGL, as they announced recently that their Vulkan experiments would start surfacing in ports by early 2017 and not before.

So what to expect from this Total War crossover with the Warhammer universe? Here is the first 10 minutes in video for your reference:

There are many very good reviews on Steam especially in the past 30 days, like this one:

Cinder (-_-): After the launch debacle that was Rome 2 total war i swore that i would never pre order or maybe even buy a total war again. Now here i am after playing over 150 hours of Total War Warhammer and i think it is worth every penny.
Yes i get it the DLC policy is kinda Overpriced and maybe some of those things should have been in the main game from the start but really.... In my opinion this is the best Total war so far and i can only say i can recommend anyone that loves RTS games or maybe u just like fantasy. There are moments in battle where i get that Lord of the Rings movie feel and that is prolly the best compliment i can give the game.

There are negative reviews as well, especially because of the numerous (and expensive) DLCs that were added post release. But there are apparently some additional flaws, too:

Chronic: I’m having mixed feelings with this one. Been plaing warhammer computer games since like Space Crusade on Amiga at my friends place, some tabletops like Hero Quest and Dark Omen on PC which is still one of my favourite games ever. Total War games i play since the very first Shogun. I feel that the series is on downhill since Empire. I bought Shogun 2 and Rome 2 as well and didnt like neither, but had very high hopes for Warhammer TW.

The graphic design is flawless, the aesthetics are spot on, dont need better. The UI is same as in recent TW games, i liked the Rome 1 /Medieval 2 style better. Whatever. The world map looks great, but the viewing angle is very strange and there is no changing that. Maybe with mods, i didnt look.

The gameplay is classic TW, not much to tell, if you are not familiar, pick up a title you like and try it. Gameplay is getting more and more simple following the tendency to make sales better.

The army movement system is clearly broken. Im no Sun Tzu, but its not the battles i have problems with. Its the campaign movement cat and mouse game that makes me quit. The endgame, when you have 2 full provinces and more being occupied in every turn, when you have 2 full elite armies and 2 fodders with some good units, the game becomes a chore to play since you can not catch the enemy armies.

I played Vampires first on hard, then i bumped into this game mechanic vs chaos. I switched to medium and same happened. I cant outrun chaos even with speed bonus and forced march which also prevents me of doing stuff like attack or ambush. If this is an intended game mechanic, then no thank you CA.

We will have a closer look at the game as it comes out, as well as the quality of the overall port. I’m not too worried about framerates for that one, since Total War are not games you play for the action anyway - slow pacing is the standard here.