Top 6 New Games Proton Can Run Since Jan. 2021

It’s a new month, and as usual, Boiling Steam looks at the latest data dumps from ProtonDB to give you a quick list of new games that work (pretty much?) perfectly with Proton since January 2021 – the Median rating indicates that games work either out of the box (5) or well enough with tweaks (4):

Dyson Sphere Program is like Factorio, in space, and on steroids in terms of scale:

Journey to the Savage Planet takes you to exotic planets to explore, and new life forms to catalog. Looks very well done – now the question is if there is a lot to do in it or not.

Nimby Rails is a new take on the construction genre: you can build train tracks, stations, tunnels, directly on actual Google-like maps. It also simulates transfer of passengers and all.

Cloud Climber seems to be a puzzle/adventure game that takes place in high towers in the skies.

DANMAKAI is a bullet hell shoot’em up like only the Japanese make it. If you are feeling lucky…

Ocean’s Heart is a cute looking 2D adventure/RPG game a la (ye olde) Zelda:

And that’s mostly it for this time! I’m really tempted to try out Nimby Rails. How about you?

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Proton is nice and I like using it.

But please do not forget to cover amazing Linux native games like Valheim!
The main dev is also using Linux and is very Linux friendly. As of now, it is very popular and has fantastic reviews.