54% of the Top 100 Steam Games Work on the Steam Deck


While there’s been a lot of great progress in the number of games that now work on the Steam Deck, it’s also important to take a look at how many of the top 100 games on Steam are supported by the Steam Deck. Today, you will finally have an answer to that burning question, with more details than in the headline!

Turns out you can currently find:

  • 28 games / 100 as Steam Deck Verified
  • 26 games / 100 as Steam Deck Playable

Which represents 54% of the Top 100 games.

Now, you’d probably want to know what happened with the other 46 games?

  • 26 games are unsupported
  • 20 games were not tested/rated yet

So, what to make of this?

  • First, getting to 54% is a great achievement in such a short time, while about half of them as “playable” which means not a perfect experience.
  • Games marked as unsupported are likely to stay this way for a while (most of them because of anti-cheat) unless developers or publishers actually decide to go the extra mile. However, some of the unsupported ratings may be faulty as well (ARMA3 for example, should be playable at least).
  • Some games that are currently unrated should be working correctly (Borderlands 2, RDRD2) at least at a “playable” level.

So, the truth should be somewhere between 60 and 70% if all titles were properly rated, but let’s keep the 54% figure as it’s the official ratings given by Valve for now.

You can find the full list below for all details. The games are ordered in the descending order of average concurrent players in the past 2 weeks:

[table id=31 /]