The Tokyo Game Show 2023 Video Recap


The Tokyo Game Show 2023 is now long over - it was in September 2023 - but we did not have a chance to share with you yet the video edit of the event. This omission is now fixed, and you can watch below an overview in music of the event as we experienced it.

If you prefer a different platform, we also have the video on Peertube as well. You can also check out the same kind of edit from last year’s edition.

In case you missed it, we have a lot of content related to the TGS 2023 that we have already published related to the presence of major players in the industry:

And we have also covered some specific games that we liked at the show by interviewing their developers:

The next Tokyo Games Show is set to take place on the 26th and 27th of 2024. In the 2024 edition there will be a specific area dedicated to AI solution (the “AI Technology Pavilion”) which is not surprising since AI is creeping in every business these days.

Our next show this year at Boiling Steam will be the BitSummit in July 2024, in Kyoto, focused mainly on indie titles. There’s always some good surprises there, so looking forward to being there again.