There's a Bioshock Coming to Linux


Indeed, and it’s not the one I expected a couple of weeks back. While we need to get an official confirmation (EDIT, actually confirmed, see below), Linux has been added to the OS list in SteamDB and it seems pretty legit. Again this is another big AAA game, following Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. We have however no idea when it will be released at this time. Maybe a nice christmas gift? EDIT: It was officially confirmed by 2K via Twitter that Bioshock Infinite is coming to Linux Early 2015.

Bioshock Infinite is certainly a pretty good game, and has high production values, as they say. However if you have ever played the previous Bioshock games, it may not be your favorite in the series. The world is beautifully portrayed but everything is a little too violent to my taste, while it could have been a perfect setup for an adventure/action game instead of a FPS.

There is a certain pattern in all the big AAA games coming on Linux though. Most of them are coming from 2K, a company very close to Valve (they are bringing Civilization: Beyond Earth to Linux as well through Aspyr). While we all appreciate the excellent effort from 2K, I personnally cannot wait to see other big publishers jump on the bandwagon. 2015 may be the year when this actually happens.