The Steam Deck OLED Still Out of Stock in Japan


Just a short update on the situation in Japan. As you may recall, the Steam Deck OLED went out of stock shortly in Japan after its released in November 2023. I have been monitoring the situation during December, and it has not changed.

the steam deck OLED still out of stock in Japan

It’s still not possible to order a Steam Deck OLED right now. The unit has been consistently out of stock since November, while there was a message back in early December that they expected to get some new units by Mid-December, while I am not sure they actually materialized. Since there is no queue system on Komodo’s side, there is no way to place a pre-order and your only option is to check for updates on the page, every day.

In the meantime, the ones who were able to get one (or several) are having a good time selling them with a nice markup on Yahoo Auctions for example.

But if you live around Tokyo, it looks like you MAY have better luck going to the Edion store in Yokohama and trying your luck at the event floor (6th floor) showcasing the Steam Deck OLED:

Looks like they managed to get their hands on the big-sized Steam Deck made for the Tokyo Games Show 2022 unless that’s a slightly smaller version:

And their are showcasing recent games as well such as the latest episode of the Like a Dragon series.

Now, it may well be that they don’t have no units anymore there… so don’t make a trip there before calling first.

Is Japan really getting very few units, or are they coming and immediately bought by resellers right after they arrive without making it to Komodo’s online store? Who knows…