The Steam Deck OLED Gets Restocked in Japan... and Sells out Again!


A short piece of news from Japan. As you know from our previous reports, the Steam Deck OLED has been out of stock in Japan since November 2023. And new shipments were on their way for Mid-January. Well, they landed on the Komodo Store, and guess what? They have already SOLD OUT again!

This is what the Twitter account of Komodo had to say about the whole situation:

大変多くのご好評をいただき、再入荷分の #SteamDeckOLED は完売いたしました。次回の日本向け発送分再入荷は、2月初旬頃を予定しております。再入荷のお知らせをご希望される場合、「欲しいものリストに追加」より登録をお願いいたします。※入荷時期は、配送状況により前後する場合があります。

A quick translation:

Due to great popularity, the restocked #SteamDeckOLED is now sold out. The next shipment to Japan will be restocked around early February. If you would like to be notified when an item is back in stock, please register by clicking “Add to Wish List”.

It also looks like that there is no stock for OLED units in-stores either. But they will also be restocked in early February gradually, according to this tweet.

Komodo has also published a list of stores where the Steam Deck is sold physically at the moment on their website. You can see for example in the Kansai area it’s distributed in three stores.

However I question the veracity of the LCD/OLED labels. I visited the Edion Store in Osaka a few weeks ago and they did not carry any OLED unit and had no intent to carry them either. So it may be more wishful thinking than actual resale information.

In any case, looks like Komodo still doesn’t have any plan to create a queue system… good luck getting one in Japan!