The Steam Deck Finally Gets a Low Battery Indicator

This is a going to be a short one, yet somehow an interesting topic. [Note: do read the EDIT at the end as it seems there are diverging reports on this point]. It seems like Valve “forgot” to release the Steam Deck with a low battery indicator that would actually let the end users know about the fact that their battery is about to die while playing a game. Even IGN clearly mentioned it in their early review:

It’s not that the battery could not be monitored – you can actually clearly see the battery levels it when Mangohud is monitoring CPU and GPU loads with its overlay. It’s just that Valve may not have implemented any notification – a notification that is fairly critical when you battery does not last much more than a few hours in the most demanding games.

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Well, it’s now fixed apparently and it looks like this (see at the bottom right hand corner):

Low battery indicator on steam deck

Great news, but I wonder how this feature was missed in the QA process until now – especially since Valve is known to conduct a lot of iterations with gamers and testers.

EDIT: The Tom’s Hardware review that was published at the same time as IGN’s mentioned the 10% battery low indicator – so it may have been there before but either broke across updates, or did not show consistently in games:

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this warning does not show up on mine, it just turns off. How do i turn this setting on?


Can confirm, I’ve seen that indicator on mine.