The Progress of Proton's Compatibility


This is going to be a short update. Remember last month when I provided a graph to show how the situation has evolved in terms of Proton compatibility over time? Well, here’s a refresh of that graph based on the new data available in April 2019 from Protondb.

I mentioned last month that I would expect the compatibility to jump up a little in April 2019 (since there was a new release of Proton later in March 2019), and I am not disappointed. There is progress on all fronts, i.e. more games running out of the box and less games completely borked. Not that this is not always the case, we have seen months like in November 2018 where the “out of the box” compatibility did not change while a few more games managed to run than before nonetheless. Note that at the end of the day this graph depends on the samples of games reported upon, so you might expect some up and downs now and then, but there’s pretty much a clear improvement trend at this point in time.

I have recently tried Ni No Kuni 2, by the way, and it works absolutely perfectly on Proton. For anyone who was waiting for a pretty nice JRPG that works well on Linux, this is one you might want to consider:

Did you have a good experiences with Proton recently? Please share your successes in the comments!