The Next Two Games from Aspyr

Following the port of Civilization VI (see our recent review), Aspyr announced that they were working on more titles for Linux in this year, both of them being new IPs. It is now well known what these titles are going to be:

Observer is a new horror game from the same developers as Layers of Fear. This game takes place in a dystopian 21st century in Poland, and you play the role of a detective who is in charge of investigating crimes, and hacking suspects’ minds to uncover evidence. The trailer shows some very clever visual tricks when you jump into a suspect’s mind (and this is where the horror aspects lies).

Since this is going to be as much an adventure game as an horror one, we’ll have to see how they handle the writing and the overall storyline. It’s planned to hit the PC platform in Q2/Q3 2017, and hopefully with a same day release for Windows and Linux (not confirmed yet).

The second one, Innerspace is a strange-looking flying exploration game (and has nothing to do with the Joe Dante movie), with kind of abstract visuals. It takes place in a world where physics are inverted, and you have to explore interconnected, inverted spheres. The plane you control can transform itself to dive in the water so that you can explore both the air and the seas. It does not seem like there is much story attached to it and the developers mention a “player-driven” experience, which seems to confirm this point.

I don’t really know what to make of that game, I can’t really say anything I read or see seems remotely interesting, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. It’s supposed to hit Steam and other platforms in Summer 2017.

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They both look great!

Best get saving some cash..