The Long, Cold December Wait


Cold that is, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. Aussie friends will have to suffer a hot, scorching wait instead. But what are Linux gamers waiting for exactly ? Well, a lot! A bunch of titles were announced for this year in the first place but have failed to show up on time for the Steam Machines. Unfortunately there was nothing much released since the Steam Machines launch, and it’s a little sad to see a lack of momentum at the moment. But there are some reasons to rejoice as well as it seems there are three (EDIT 3 dec 8h18pm GMT+9) big titles coming up in this month. If you have faith.

The first one is Rocket League. It has just been confirmed by the devs on the Steam Community forums that it should hit the Linux platform before the end of the year. A lot of folks were expecting it to be released on the same day as the Steam Machines, but for some reason it took longer for the port to be ready - at least now we should assume it’s pretty close.

The second one is Divinity: Original Sin from Larian Studios. About everything has been said on this one already (delayed multiple times, consoles getting priority vs Linux while Linux was announced way before as a target platform, deceptive news, etc…), yet it seems that there is indeed progress and that the Mac and Linux ports should come out in this month.

Unfortunately with Larian Studios, you have take a good fistful of salt before you can trust any of their Linux-related news, so we will have to see if they can be trusted this time or not.

EDIT (Dec 3, 8h18 pm GMT+9). GRID Autosport has been confirmed for December 10th by Feral just a little while ago after this article was published. Finally a “real” racing sim is coming to Linux, just a matter of days now! Note that it will support crossplatform multiplayer, which is great news in itself.

Now, for the rest… the most realistic expectations would be:

  • Attila : Total War has seen some recent Steamdb activity - who knows, it could hit Linux soon as well. Don’t ask me about Rome: Total War 2, this one has gone from being one of the first titles announced to almost vaporware kind of rumor, since there was virtually no news about it for so long.
  • Saints Row 4: We still do not know who is doing the Linux port but there may be some tiny chance it still shows up in this year.

There are some unknowns:

  • Evolve: no recent news about it.
  • Project Cars: same, and their dev team moved to PC2 and cancelled the WiiU version, which is not a good sign for our platform.
  • Witcher 3: It is probably going to take a while before we hear anything about that one.

And others for which we already know they are delayed:

  • PayDay 2: to Q1-Q2 2016.
  • XCom 2: for all platforms it is now planned for February 2016.

And that’s it. I would actually be happy even if we only get Rocket League in this month, but of course more games are welcome. In case you think I have missed something that should be coming up really soon, let us know in the comments!