The First DX11 Game Running on WINE: DiveKick

A few days ago I had received a tip from Codeweavers that they had managed to run two DX11 games in their latest development version of WINE, since they are progressively implementing DirextX11 support as previously announced. Today I can confirm that one of the two games is Divekick, a simple yet fun fighting game using only two buttons. You can see a video of that game in action below (not this is NOT the version running under WINE).

This game is certainly not going to win any awards, and it may disappoint some of you who expected a more AAA-like title to be working out of the box with WINE, but nevertheless it’s a proof of concept:


James Ramey (CEO of CodeWeavers): The game is more of a test case (because DiveKick is somewhat simple), but it is proving that the DX11 framework that the WINE community is developing appears to be the right path for future support.

I am still waiting for more info about the second game that’s confirmed to be working, but as usual you will be the first ones to know.

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Was it naive that I hoped it would be Overwatch? 😀 A man can have dreams!!!


[…] have reported a couple of days ago that Divekick is the first game that’s confirmed to be working in the latest development branch of WINE. But before going […]