The Dead Love D9VK Too!


I mentioned it in passing in my last article about Rocket League, but the good thing with the latest Proton 4.11 release is that D9VK is now considered mature for wide testing and this opens up many doors for old DirectX 9 games. One of my favorites is Resident Evil 4. If you did try it on Linux prior to Proton 4.11, you may remember it was always showing some weird shadow artifacts making it barely playable. This time it’s fixed, and for good, and the performance is awesome once again with D9VK:

To be completely honest, Resident Evil 4 has not aged very well when it comes to controls. The default control scheme feels really awkward and dated. After all it comes from an era when 3rd person shooters were pretty much a rarity, and it had to deal with a Gamecube controller when it was released. Fun fact, I pretty much purchased a Gamecube at the time just to play the exclusive Capcom games announced for the console. And guess what? Resident Evil 4 did not stay exclusive very long… Damn!

Despite all that, it remains a very well made game (much better than the horrible, horrible Resident Evil 5 and following…) that made Leon cooler than ever.

I am now looking forward to playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake - I know it’s possible to make it work with a few hacks, but I’d rather wait for Valve & Co to make them work out of the box, hopefully soon.