The 20 Games Linux Gamers Want To See Ported

As mentioned a few weeks ago when I presented the racing wheels Linux gamers use, I am still going through the analysis of the the End of March 2017 survey we have conducted, and while there’s a much bigger article coming down the road, I will share some specific results week after week that can be treated as separate subjects.

This time, we had a new question, where we asked:”What specific games would you like to see on Linux, regardless of the likelihood of such ports ever happening?“.

All answers were accepted as free text (base size n=612), which means a respondent could just give the name of a single game, or several ones. The results for the top 20 games are presented below.

The following answers are NOT surprising, but it’s interesting to have some kind of instrument to gauge the popularity of certain titles versus others. And the winner is…

Game Frequency (in %)
Witcher 3 23.5
Grand Theft Auto V 16.7
Fallout 4 12.3
Doom 12.1
Skyrim 10.9
Overwatch 10.8
Final Fantasy 10.8
Dark souls 6.7
Nier Automata 6.5
Mass effect 5.7
Elder scrolls 5.7
Rise of the Tomb Raider 5.7
Star citizen 4.7
Battlefield 4.4
World of Warcraft 4.1
Starcraft 3.9
League of Legends 2.6
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 2.3
Dishonored 2.3

Well, we did already know that the Witcher 3 was extremely popular, but that’s just another confirmation if we needed one.

My other take-aways:

  • All of these titles are AAA games. It seems no-one is really craving for specific indie games. Probably because we are already well served in that area.
  • RPG and FPS dominate the rankings.
  • Bethesda games. Many linux gamers want them bad. Not too much hope there, however…
  • Overwatch is one of the most popular requests, and that would explain why so many Linux gamers are trying to make it work under WINE.
  • Some Japanese titles seem to have broad appeal, like Final Fantasy and Dark Souls. Surprisingly Nier Automata is sticking out fairly high – I would have thought games like Metal Gear Solid would come up instead.

Hopefully such rankings can help some porting companies (Feral, Aspyr, VP, Valve, Codeweavers, *wink* *wink*) to target what to offer next.

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    • Yeah, there were a few folks asking for it, but it’s not enough to make it into the Top20.

      • Project Cars is a very complete simulation racing game with a lot of cars, circuits and disciplines; and in GNULinux/SteamOS , we don’t have any game with these features. GRID Autosport is good and funny, but is not a real simulation game.

        In addition, Slightly Mad Studios said that they would launch this game for Linux/SteamOS.

        • Yes, initially they promised support for it, but then canceled it after they also canceled the WiiU port. Now some folks are hoping for the second one, but I would not hold my breath for it.

  1. I’m surprised to see Starcraft and Dishonored rather than their successors in the list, but it sure would be great to get them for Linux DRM-free.

    • Actually I kept it as a single franchise since there was mix of answers for the first Starcraft and the second one, and some who mentioned “the starcraft series”. Same for Dishonored.

  2. Assetto Corsa would be wonderful too. The only game not on Linux that I put any money into.

  3. WoW has been working flawless on WINE for years.

    I even guess you can just double click on the executable on any 2014+ popular distro, without need for staging or newer WINE versions.

    • Yes, but this is about official support. You could have said the smae thing for Skyrim.

      • I remember feeling the same as Canta especially as WoW is so old. But official support certainly would be great to have, and is certainly better than none at all.

        I think I’d really like to see support for games that won’t run on WINE, especially mmo’s and racing games.

  4. Actually, League of legends runs in wine just fine, i actually tried this myself and i played without problems, other than the fact that i have less fps when i was ingame.
    Plus, starcraft 1 at least, can also be played in linux with wine, i don’t know about starcraft 2 because the last time i tried it was crashing every time i tried to play. But well, stracraft 2 is kind of a dead game, isn’t it? Blizzard did everthing wrong…

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