[TGS 2018] Devil May Cry 5


Check out our other reports on the Tokyo Games Show 2018! Such as Resident Evil 2 : Remake, Sekiro, the PC Renaissance… and more coming soon. This post is also from Ben Murden who joined me on the Tokyo Games Show floor. Note that Devil May Cry 5 is not planned for Linux, but we can seriously expect it to be playable on Steam with Steam Play / Proton at some point.

A return to the Capcom style of DMC, with very little if anything kept from Ninja Theory’s take on the franchise. I find this a little disappointing, since I enjoyed that one, but this is sure to please fans who have been wanting a return to the style of DMC 3 and 4. The demo features Nero, who has a number of Devil Breaker robotic arms at his disposal, which are acquired from the play field. The different arms allow for a few different movement options, like riding on top of the rocket arm like it were a surfboard, as well as provide some variety in combat options. Charging the arm allows the player to unleash more devastating attacks, with the risk being that if it’s interrupted, the arm breaks. The arm can also be intentionally broken in order to escape certain enemy attacks.

Movement felt a little stiff, I kept wanting for some kind of quick dodge. One of the arms lets you zip around when not locked on, but you’d have to be pretty quick to select it before taking damage, or just make sure you stick to that one. I’d prefer a dedicated evade, but I’m sure fans would balk at such an idea.

DMC5 was also available to play on PC, and looked perfectly fine there. Nice to see Capcom continuing to bring quality ports to the PC.

It should hit Steam in March 2019.