Testing the New Xbox Series X Controller on Linux

After his recent tribulations with the new Dual Sense Controller (for the Playstation 5) on Linux, cow_killer takes on the latest controller from Microsoft made for the new Xbox Series X. The unboxing and the first few results can be found in the following video:

As you can see he could not get to make it work with Bluetooth so far – if you own this controller and managed to make it work in wireless mode, please let us a comment below!

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‘sup ! Thought I’d share my experience. Bought 2 controllers, one for myself and one my GF. Got her the blue version and I took the white one. 1st remark, the MAC addresses are different : 44:16:<…> for the blue one 98:7A:<…> for the white one Tried to pair both with a Surface Pro 6 running Pop!_OS, result : Blue OK White KO Tried all the available Linux-side fix suggestions : disabling ertm installing xpadneo … to no avail. Hell, I even installed a custom Surface kernel that made a lot of things better… but it did not fix my… Read more »

Marcos Alano

I could pair after update the firmware using the Xbox Accessories app on a Windows machine. Not the ideal but worked.

Marcos Alano

Nevermind. First my controller was recognized as the Xbox One controller when I updated the firmware for the first time. After that, I updated the Xbox Accessories app and then the controller was recognized as Xbox Series X|S controller. I updated the firmware again (the app demanded this) and stop working again. So I think we need wait some kind update or in firmware or in BlueZ stack. Living and learning.


I think the Series X controller only works on adapters that use low energy, which mine doesn’t have. Getting an adapter in the mail today, hopefully it’ll work on that.


Did he disable secure transmission for bluetooth?

In my system, in order for the xbox one controller to work I need to add:

options bluetooth disable_ertm=1



Offcourse, I have a usb bluetooth dongle and running arch, maybe there are differences, but I also could not get it to work until I found this solution somewhere on the internet. And now my controller always works.

Without the above trick, it won’t work.


Tried doing that, didn’t seem to make any difference. However, it appears the Series X is being worked on right now with xpadneo: https://github.com/atar-axis/xpadneo/pull/255