Testing (Moving To) Mastodon


Just a short update. I am testing Mastodon these days, to move away from Twitter. I don’t really like Twitter to begin with - as most people I am wary of centralization, ads, and the whole business model that goes with it. This is also why I host my own blog and don’t rely on Medium and other similar services. Mastodon is a federated, micro-blogging service like Twitter - you can even host your own instances if you wish.

Now, since we start with ZERO followers on Mastodon, if you are interested to follow us there, you can register to follow the account @boilingsteam@mastodon.cloud. I will probably use it to post short links of stuff I find interesting related to Linux Gaming, which should not deserve an article per se.

That’s it! Toot away!

EDIT: You may want to check out Tootle, a GNOME client, to access Mastodon. As far as I know there is no good KDE client for now, but there’s always this Electron app.