Telltales Games May Come to Linux After All

There was already some hints a while back (read: 2015) that Telltales had some interest in supporting Linux as a platform, and apparently already had some beta of Minecraft: Story Mode running on Linux (even though I never made it into the beta test, several folks reported it worked without hitch). But then, poof, nothing. Back to speculations. And suddenly, yesterday, The Walking Dead shows up with a Linux repository on SteamDB. This is not a confirmation of a coming port, but that’s as close as it is going to get until we hear something official.

I would actually be really interested to know, if the port ever comes out, what they did to port it, as several options are possible:

  • Direct Port of the Mac Version, using OpenGL (internal port)
  • WINE port of the Windows version (most Telltales games work perfectly in WINE, as we reported before)
  • Third Party port (Aspyr, Feral, VP ?)

My money is on the first option, but the third party case may still be on the table in case they have no interest or no resources to support multiple hardware and OS configurations. Hopefully this means the whole pack of Telltales games get ports to Linux at once, since they pretty much use the same engine.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

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