Subreddit for Boiling Steam


Last week we just launched (silently) our Boiling Steam Subreddit. You can find it at the expected address, i.e. There is already a large community of Linux Gamers on Reddit (as evidenced by the recent 200k subscribers on r/linux_gaming) so it’s probably a good idea for us to be present there as well with our own channel. After all, we also like to touch upon a variety of different topics not just limited to games - we do hardware reviews, we interview people with different backgrounds, we write about how we operate, so it’s not always strictly about gaming only.

You can expect to see there (before any other subreddit) our content first, as well as many links we find interesting from all over the interwebs, about:

  • Linux gaming, of course
  • Linux, distros in general
  • FOSS projects of note
  • Industry news if relevant (stuff happening with Windows, or Privacy-related topics)

Feel free to participate and share links or content of interest, too!

What we will however refrain from doing in this subreddit is:

  • technical support
  • help for n00bs

as there are better places already out there for that (such as Linux4noobs).

We are not trying to replace any other subreddit, but complement what you find on Boiling Steam and hopefully connect with you all there in the comments. Talking about connecting with us, there’s actually quite a few channels you can use already:

In terms of feeds, the microblog ones are for you if you’d like to have a larger view of topics that we deal with. There’s defintely more non-gaming posts there. You can expect the Subreddit to be somewhat more focused on the gaming aspects. Ultimately, there is an overlap so these channels are mostly about reaching our audience where they already are.

One final note: we had opened our own forum as an experiment earlier in the year. It’s hard in this day and age to kick off a forum-only community, and we will be therefore closing them shortly.

Join us today on Reddit by subscribing at: and looking forward to seeing your comments and posts there too!