SteamTinkerLaunch on Steam Deck: Signs of Support

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SteamTinkerLaunch is an excellent solution (and probably not as well known as it should be!) if you want to manage different version and different options of Proton within Steam (and much more than that, such as FSR settings, Reshade…). Turns out that FrostWork (the main developer) has now access to a Deck and you may see SteamTinkerLaunch on Steam Deck:

My wifes steam deck arrived today: after some minutes of initial configuration (system update, set passwd, enable ssh, set / read-write, install steamtinkerlaunch using makepkg and several of its (optional) dependencies) I was able to successfully start steamtinkerlaunch via terminal/icon and also was able to install Vortex with the steamtinkerlaunch settings menu. So this seems to basically work so far.

However it’s not that simple to install programs on the Deck outside of Flatpak packages:

But generally speaking using any custom system wide program installation will always be problematic on the SteamDeck, as future “firmware” updates will always delete your custom installations. This is no fun of course.

So, will we see a Flatpak for SteamtinkerLaunch? Unlikely, but…

Edit2: looks like adding automatic SteamDeck support without depending on flatpak is not too complicated, as most functions do already work as expected. So I’d say I’ll add SteamDeck support, but no idea how long it takes.

Now if you want to try using SteamTinkerLaunch on Steam Deck in the meantime, you can follow that WIP instructions:

SteamTinkerLaunch on Steam Deck

Let me also remind you to check our previous feature article about how to use some functionalities of SteamTinkerLaunch to your advantage.

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Thanks for the article, mate! Multiple features do already work excellent, some others need to be optimized or maybe even disabled for Steam Deck, so the current state is not committed yet. For that reason, my “WIP instructions” you posted are not ready to use yet, as they require the code changes which are not available yet (the post was more meant as “Wip Wiki” to show what basically already works and what needs to be done to install it on the Steam Deck). Of course if some people do already want to test/debug the current state I could release… Read more »