Steam Coming to ChromeOS (Unofficial Confirmation)


If you follow us or other sources like Chrome Unboxed you are by now aware that there’s ample rumors about Google/Valve working on bringing Steam to ChromeOS. We know the technology pieces are there, as recently discussed with Luke Short in our recent podcast. However, we are still waiting for an official announcement that would turn the expected rumors into reality.

While not an official confirmation yet, I have received the following information through a source that will remain anonymous:

There are now some QA testers being hired to work on the “ChromeOS Steam Launch Team” to triage games, find defects and test performance in specific configurations.

As I don’t have first hand confirmation, take this with a grain of salt, but I feel confident enough that this is very likely true to publish this.

That’s probably as close as a confirmation as we are going to get before Google/ChromeOS or Valve actually announces anything on this matter.

This is absolutely excellent news, as this would now bring Google as an additional company supporting Linux Gaming front and center - and not just Valve. We all know that Google is a Linux shop at heart, but we have yet to see how this all fits with their Stadia platform.

Who knows, maybe in return Valve will help bring titles to Stadia via the Steam catalogue? That would not be a completely crazy idea.