Steam VR Linux Beta in Video

A Linux gamer, PyGuy, has recently uploaded a video on youtube to demonstrate how things work with SteamVR on Linux so far, using Serious Sam VR to show what the system is capable of. First, it’s not plug and play at the moment, since you need to install some development drivers and specific udev rules for things to work, but once you get there, it seems like it works pretty much as expected.

PyGuy did report that there were several crashes on Serious Sam, as well as some issues with the camera tracking at some point. As for Serious Sam VR, you don’t walk around just like you would expect in a typical FPS, but you teleport yourself in short distances. It feels a little weird to play a FPS this way, but I guess that’s the best you can do with a game that was never made for VR in the first place.

As PyGuy mentioned, there’s not really any point in purchasing the HTC Vive at this stage, since there’s very, very few games one can play on Linux. It’s probably better to wait for it to come out of beta, and wait for more ports to be available. Cool progress nonetheless.

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