Steam Spring Sale, Many titles at great prices, 1 Game to Grab for Free and the Steam Deck gets a celebration with a Discount


So the Steam Spring Sale has begun and as usual you will find many games discounted between the 16th of March to the 23rd, 2023.

What to Grab?

There a few good picks I would recommend, such as:

  • Jedi Fallen Order, now at 4 USD
  • F1 22, now at under 10 USD
  • Sekiro, 50% off at 30 USD
  • Half Life Alyx at 24 USD
  • Hades at 50% off under 13 USD
  • INSIDE for 2 USD
  • Pyre at 5 USD
  • Untitled Goose Game at 10 USD
  • Hollow Knight 50% Off, less than 8 USD
  • Noita 50% off at 10 USD
  • Steins Gate at 12 USD
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom at 10 USD
  • Invisible, Inc at 5 USD
  • Valheim at 14 USD
  • Crysis 3 under 8 USD

Oh, and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure, is Free to grab on Steam so there’s always that.

But of course there’s a lot, lot more, so please do not limit yourself to the above list.

Steam Deck Celebrations

More importantly, the Steam Deck is getting a 10% sale at the same time, which means it’s now the best time to buy one if you are still on the edge. The value is insane for the 64GB model.

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The good thing is that this sale is apparently not limited to some territories, as it’s also applied in Asia where the Steam Deck is distributed by Komodo:

To celebrate the 1st year of the Steam Deck (late), Vave has also prepared a commemorative video:

… and prepared quite a few new intro movies to customize the booting intro of your Steam Deck:

That’s it. Very glad to see that Valve is keeping a clear focus on the Steam Deck - good results mean continued investment, and lead to a stronger platform in the end.

Let us know if you end up picking up something cool in the comments!