Stardew Total War


Yawn. Summer is upon us. Don’t mind me taking more time than usual to post news or updates, my productivity usually drops pretty sharply once the temperature goes beyond 35 celsius degrees. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of Summer better than Winter. Cicadas singing in your ears, cold drinks to freshen up, sunny evenings to relax outside… but there are just limits to how much heat (and humidity) I can take. Seems like it’s pretty quiet anyway in terms of releases anyway, so it’s perfect.

We just got Stardew Valley, available both on Steam and GOG (DRM-free, of course…). This reboot-remake-clone of Harvest Moon sure does seem to get many folks excited, and it might be a decent game if you like farming/crafting games. However, this is NOT my time of games at all (if anything, I enjoy more Cities:Skylines or more serious simulations) so don’t expect a review of this one any time soon, unless someone REALLY wants my (un-educated) opinion.

Overlord 1 and 2 are now on Linux thanks to VP. I’m still on the first game and while it’s an old game (8 years now!) it hasn’t aged too badly with ultra details, and it’s certainly still fun to play. The ports seem to be pretty good so far, but they lack specific SteamOS configuration tools making it a pain to set the game up for the first start on SteamOS. They need to do something like in the Witcher 2… I’ll probably give you my impressions of the game at some point.

There’s been a few indie releases too, such as This is the Police, **Defect **(where you build a ship of your own design to go after theives in space), **Turmoil **(simulation game in the oil rush era).

Total War: Warhammer was already due for Linux for a while (it was announced from the first trailer with Linux support) yet it launched on Windows first without any word related to the availability of the Linux client. Feral has just announced yesterday that they are in charge of the port for Mac and Linux, and it’s probably going to be another DirectX11 to OpenGL port. Let’s hope the performance will be reasonable on Linux.

Sudden Strike 4 is planned for 2017 and is going to hit Linux as well ! It is now being developed by Kite Games and it’s as the previous iterations suggest, heavily based on tank combat during WW2. Great news anyway since we did not have too many RTT/RTS on Linux so far.

I think that’s mostly it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to put my sombrero and go back to my daily siesta.