Sekiro Is The Hottest Proton Game Right Now

Yes, but it’s not alone in reaching high popularity! This is something you can learn through our monthly analysis of the ProtonDB data that you only find on BoilingSteam. Before we go to the list of recent games, let’s have a quick look at our typical metrics based on the latest data dump valid until the end of March 2019. March 2019 marked another milestone since Proton 4.2 was released later in the month.

We can see the impact of Proton 4.2 in the activity chart, showing the number of reports per day and the overall trend in red:

Proton 4.2 is bringing a lot more new reports post release!

However, as you can see, it’s not just Proton 4.2 that we should consider for attributing the increase of reports, since the increase started BEFORE 4.2 was released. It’s more like that new games released in March led to this trend instead.

Among contributors in March, this is the kind of share you get for every distribution out there. Not a huge amount of changes but this is the first that I see Solus with a higher share than Fedora! This may be linked to the recent release of Solus 4. We also see Antergos dropping down way below, and it’s not surprising seeing how their installer sucks (the installer broke last week when a package name changed on Arch… evidently they have like no unit tests and they only found out when a bunch of users tried to install antergos. That’s QA for you).

Looking at hardware now, there’s not much change even when months go by. Which is normal, most people don’t change CPUs so often after all. RAM spread is also mostly unchanged.

Slightly more interesting on the GPU side. It could be simple variations, but it looks like AMD is making some small gains over time. In December AMD was only at 25.9 %. Nothing earth-shaking but it’s either stable or slightly increasing. Good for them!

Looking among AMD GPU users, not much change vs last month, there’s still a decent amount of folks using the AMD RX590 but it does not seem to be growing that much yet.

Among Nvidia users we see for the first time the GTX1070 taking over the GTX970. I guess this means the faithful GTX970 is on its way to be replaced (it’s about time, it’s become an old card, while still very capable). Another change worthy of mention is the appearance of RTX 2070 at the tail of the list behind the RTX 2080.

Now what are the games with the largest amount of reports in March 2019?

Well you already know Sekiro is the first, but I was surprised with the second one.

1Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice76
2Risk of Rain 270
3Devil May Cry 550
4Grand Theft Auto V42
5Path of Exile36
6Grim Dawn34
7The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt33
9Deep Rock Galactic25
10Age of Empires II HD24
11The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim23
12Dawn of Man21
13GRID 221
15The Elder Scrolls® Online18
17Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey17
18Elite Dangerous17
19Killing Floor 217

Who would have thought that Risk of Rain 2 was so popular? I certainly did not.

Devil May Cry 5 is certainly trailing not far behind. Capcom has had an exceptional Q1 2019, with Resident Evil 2 Remake and the new DMC. We can also spot another new entrant, Dead or Alive 6, from Koei-Tecmo. More specifically, the games that never had reports until March 2019 are in the following list, along with their number of “good” ratings (gold and above).

1Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice7656
2Risk of Rain 27057
3Devil May Cry 55020
4Dawn of Man2112
7Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic117
10Factory Town62
11Offworld Trading Company – Free Multiplayer55
121 Screen Platformer42
13Mata Hari44
14A Dance of Fire and Ice33
15Comedy Quest33
16Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder33
18FEAST: Book One «Family Ties»33
19Hentai Crush33

In bold you can see the games that will probably run close to flawlessly with Proton 4.2. There’s quite a bunch of them, including Sekiro and Risk of Rain 2. Looks like it’s not the right time to go ahead and grab Dead of Alive 6, however, but there’s a bunch of less known titles that could prove to be good finds in the meantime. Like Fate/Extella Link, the latest in the series of popular Fate games here in Japan:

Proton’s not perfect but getting better and better with time, just like WINE! Admit you did not see that pun coming 🙂

Before I leave you running to vandalize your wallet, here’s a world cloud of all comments left about games reported in March 2019:

“Perfectly”, “works”, “without”, “issues”. Yeah, you too can read between the lines. Great job Valve, Codeweavers, Philip, ProtonDB and all Linux gamers who report how their games work. Have a great month ahead!

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