Rocket League Now Stable on Linux ?


Rocket League is probably the game I play the most (just because it’s easy to pick up anytime, and it’s dawn good fun even when playing against folks you don’t know), but since its beta release on SteamOS and other Linux distros, I had been always confronted with random bugs such as:

  • Crash in between games, bringing you back to desktop
  • Weird random audio bugs (sometimes no sound at all, sometimes you can only hear some background audio track at super high volume)
  • Weird sudden frame rate drops (frame rate dropping to 15~20 FPS for about a minute or so, before coming back to normal, solid 60 FPS).

Most of these bugs were not killer issues, and happened sufficiently rarely not to bother me TOO much. But since the May 2017 update (EDIT 10 June 2017: I used to refer a June update, but the latest is from May 10th), I have found that I don’t get any of these bugs anymore. Like, not at all. The patch notes do not seem to indicate anything specific to Linux, so maybe this was some kind of soft patch without much fanfare, but I’m happy report that Rocket League is finally rock solid on our platform.

A good excuse to consider purchasing it if you don’t have it yet. And now, Valve guys who helped with the port, if you could go and tackle Street Fighter V, it would be very much appreciated. No pressure.