Questions for James Ramey / Codeweavers



  • First congratulations on the recent Proton 5.13 release. Did you expect it would take that long to move on from 5.9?
  • Now that Proton has moved from 3 to 5.x in a matter of 2 years, is there any specific reason for moving to the next big number? What should we expect from 6?
  • We exchanged emails about the NTDLL rework that is currently happening for several years in WINE - it seems that this will make it possible to support some anti-cheat technologies once complete - will that work make it progressively into WINE or is that something that needs to be fully completed before it can be integrated?
  • How has COVID19 impacted What you do at Codeweavers?
  • The number of native ports has steadily dropped over time for Linux while the number of games working on Proton has exploded since its release. Are game developers more aware about SteamPlay / Proton than let’s say a year ago?


  • what is the elevator pitch for PortJump?
  • Where did the idea of PortJump came from? (we actually talked about something very much in these lines one or 2 years ago).
  • Between PortJump standard and pro it seems like the main difference is the number of hours dedicated to the evaluation and a quote for an actual port. Are we missing something?

The proof of concept:

With our Professional package we’ll spend up to 20 hours assessing if your Windows software can be ported, analyze the work that needs to be done to successfully port your software and identify any Windows licensing restrictions. We will then provide a quote for the port, and a proof-of-concept of the software program supported on Mac and/or Linux, if possible.

Versus their description for basic:

Our Standard package assesses the initial amount of work that’s needed to port your Windows software. We’ll spend up to 10 development hours to assess if the software can be ported, identify Windows licensing restriction(s) that may be present and determine what next steps will be.

  • PortJump does not seem to imply it’s made for games of general applications - what are your expectations in the field, more games than anything else?
  • Seems like you now support ChromeOS - is that only on x86 processors, or will it also support ARM?
  • Is there a lot of demand for games on ChromeOS currently? How is that market growing?
  • How does Mac support look like in the future as Mac moves away from Intel to ARM? How are you preparing for this?


  • Would it be fair to describe ExecMode as a full fledged consulting service for very customized solutions?
  • It seems that Valve is one of the clients of ExecMode - is that at all related to WINE/proton or does that encompass different services?