Podcast 12 with James Ramey from Codeweavers


You want podcasts? No need to wait much longer, we are back with a new podcast episode. This time we talk to James Ramey (president from Codeweavers) once again following the recent release of Proton 5.13 and their rebranded offering with PortJump and ExecMode.

Here the podcast below as hosted on Youtube:

You can also watch this episode on [Peertube](Podcast #12 with James Ramey from Codeweavers).

We will be back with a full transcript within a week or so, and additional comments on this interview. In the meantime you can also check out our previous podcasts with Marc Di Luzio (Ex-Feral), Ryan Gordon (Icculus), Ethan Lee (developer of FNA), or our previous time with James Ramey.