Phew! What a Day!


March 30th, 2017. Just when you thought Q1 was over with, it comes back and kicks your ass. In the past 24 hours, you get a world-class event with SpaceX’s first successful reflight of their Falcon 9 launcher.

On Linux, Feral releases the new Vulkan renderer for Mad Max, bringing massive performance boosts compared to the OpenGL version. Ron Gilbert comes back to make headlines with his new Thimbleweed park adventure game, a la 90’s Lucasarts style (and Day-1 Linux version).

There’s a new non-linear game in town, using pixel graphics as well, too, called Beat Cop, that looks really interesting in the way it works (Day 1 Linux version).

Last but not least, Xplane 11 releases Day 1 for Linux.

Look at this actual landing from the beta version. Impressive!

We will come back in more details into each of these games. A lot to cover, indeed.