Owlboy Out on Linux and 33% Off!

Owlboy, the latest game from the indie developer D-Pad studio, has finally been released on Linux and gets 33% off on Steam and GOG (on both sites it should show as being 16 USD or so at the moment). This is great as Owlboy had been very well received last year when it came out on Windows, as a very polished Metroidvania-like platformer. It has been apparently 8 years in the making, and just the 2D sprites work must have taken a LOT of time and effort from the team.

Just a couple of opinions seen on the net:

Hariama (on GOG): This game is an absolute treat, and I would highly recommend anyone to give it a try. The visuals are spectacular, the music is memorable to say the least, and story-wise it went above and beyond the floating islands and sky-pirates gist of it. Lore-wise, it pulled me in, but your own experience may vary, as is always the case. The controls are tight, and work as intended. Moving Otus and his pals through the various dangers that their stunning world has to offer definitely feels satisfying. Truth be told, this game made me smile internally for the first time in a long, long while. It’s easy to forego your inner workings towards your peers, parents and friends, and grin the hurt away for others. Albeit a lie, it’s easy on the mind, but hard on the heart. But this adventure, as short as it may have been, felt cathartic. To be freed out of a loop, sort of. I hope you’ll see. Now get to it, and play!

And this one:

Spacecase (on GOG): It’s very rare that I compliment a games visuals, but This time I have to. This game is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. On top of that, it has tight controls a hero who’s easy to sympathize with, a very well built world, and a pretty good story plus some very nice game mechanics. If you grew up with 90s era video games (or even if you didn’t) you’ll love this game

Note that not all reviews are 99% positive, there are some quibbles with the game being a tad short (about 8 hours from what I have heard), and some level design issues in certain levels. Feel free to read more about it if you are undecided at this stage. We are going to review the game on BoilingSteam so you can hear what we have to say about the game and the quality of the port within a week or two from now.

The Linux port was done by flibitijibibo who is starting to have a very long list of ports for our platform by now. Maybe work thinking about pagination for the list ?

That’s all for now! Thanks goes to D-Pad Studio for caring about our platform!

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