Our New Survey is out for Q1 2017


I was just mentioning a few days ago the results of the Q1 2016 survey conducted among the Linux gaming communities on Reddit, and as a follow-up we have posted the new survey late last week to generate data for the end of Q1 2017 as well. You can already go ahead and take our survey now. At the time of writing we have already more than 700 respondents, but we will keep the survey open until the end of March (this Friday). So if you have not answered yet, please let your voice be heard!

Note that the survey is quite long (probably takes at least 15 minutes) but covers a number of topics:

  • Demographics of Linux gamers
  • Experience of Linux as a Desktop OS
  • General Gaming Habits (not limited to Linux)
  • Linux gaming habits and satisfaction related to it
  • Where games are purchased, what info gamers look for, and how much is roughly spent monthly
  • General hardware components and peripherals
  • Sources of information for Linux gaming news

Just like we did for the previous survey, we will be publishing the raw data for respondents who have agreed to have their answers made public, so hopefully this whole dataset will be useful even outside of the realm of BoilingSteam. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our survey, please let us know in the comments!