Our First Podcast, with ProfessorKaos64


We are introducing today a new way to enjoy BoilingSteam with our first podcast. It was recorded on the 22nd of May, along with our special guest, ProfessorKaos64, who is pretty well known in the linux gaming community for his work on expanding SteamOS beyond its initial scope of only launching Steam games. You can check his SteamOS-tools page on Git-hub to find out the extent of his work so far.

The podcast lasts a little less than one hour, and we’d love to get feedback from you - obviously it’s our first time making one, but if you like the format and if you feel like having more episodes, let us know! Many thanks to Psppwner300 for leading this effort, and to ProfessorKaos64 for accepting our invitation.

Here are some time-markets in case you want to skip to some particular content:

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 2:00 - How we turned to Linux in the first place
  • 14:00 - Our Favorite Linux Games
  • 27:00 - The beginnings and raison d’etre of BoilingSteam
  • 33:00 - ProfessorKaos64 and its work to expand SteamOS

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