Nvidia Racer RTX: Imagine what a Next-Gen Version of Re-Volt Would Look Like, And More on DLSS3

Nvidia is released its new RTX 40 series, and while they have been ridiculed for their (extreme) pricing, they are certainly betting on the current strengths of the brand with more ray-tracing, a new version of DLSS, and upgraded PhysX. There’s a bunch of games (35) that are now being adapted to demonstrate how to best exploit such effects, and there’s also this very nice technical demo, called Nvidia Racer RTX, showing a Re-Volt like game that’s extremely well made:

This is not just a demo that’s static, they plan to release it as a playable tech demo later in the year (in November). That’s too bad it would remain only a tech demo, there’s definitely some huge potential for a remake of Re-Volt with that caliber.

nvidia racer rtx and dlss3

If you own Portal on Steam, you will also be getting a free DLC later this year with upgraded graphics using Ray-tracing again. There’s a small trailer out and the graphical upgrade is massive, and suits perfectly the world of Portal.

When it comes to DLSS3, Nvidia seems confident that it will bring massive performance improvement to games using RTX:

The increase of performance is claimed to be around 5x (compared to no DLSS) which seems hard to believe. We’ll have to see how it runs in actual benchmarks later on.

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