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It’s not news anymore by now if you followed any of the recent announcements by Feral Interactive, but Mad Max is coming on October 20th. This port had seemingly disappeared for a while (Avalanche Studios had initially confirmed it, then the mention of Linux went away post Windows release) but we are glad to see it’s actually confirmed and coming soon on our platform. You can expect an in depth review of the game on Linux here after its release.

If you are into more post-apocalyptic stuff, you may want to know that Wasteland 3 has been announced (with crowdfunding), and it’s planned for Linux with day-1 support. I have never had a chance to give Wasteland 2 a go, but it was well reviewed and Wasteland 3 seems to take more inspiration from the XCOM series so I may have to pay a lot more attention to it in the near future.


Still in the topic of blood and bones, here comes Butcher(what a subtle name) which is like… how should I describe it… a mix between Broforce and Hatred. Fun, but very bloody and cruel as the name indicates. It’s just been released and you can start cutting your way through innards as of now.

Now let’s move on to Valley, released just a week ago on Linux, not too long after the Windows version. It’s a first person exploration game where you run through a strange and beautiful world using your exoskeleton to do massive jumps.

And let’s not forget Aragami, an anime-styled stealth game not too far from what the Tenchu series on Playstation were about.

I was going to say that’s it for today, but actually we also have Cossacks 3 apparently coming out later in October. I’m not sure if that’s such a good news however, since there have been multiple reviews showing that it’s basically a rehash of the first Cossacks without much improvement and too much focus on micromanagement. I will probably give it a go at some point though, and hopefully confirm whether that is really the case or not.

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