New Steam Games with Native Linux Clients, including Heroes Wanted and Kamaeru - 2024-06-12 Edition


Between 2024-06-05 and 2024-06-12 there were 47 New Steam games released with Native Linux clients. For reference, during the same time, there were 375 games released for Windows on Steam, so the Linux versions represent about 12.5 % of total released titles.

This week there’s two good picks, Heroes Wanted and Kamaeru, especially that last one if you like cozy games with a relaxing graphical style, and frogs (not the ones you eat).

Here’s the whole list below:


Released on 11 Jun, 2024, developed by Rocket Adrift and published by Gamma Space Collaborative Studio. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Adventure, Indie

About the game: Psychroma is a narrative-driven side-scroller where you play as a digital medium. Confront the past by piecing together the broken memories of a cybernetic house, and exorcise the ghosts in the machine.


Released on 11 Jun, 2024, developed by Matthew Young and published by Tsundown Studios. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG

About the game: Battle through a lost world full of dinosaurs, magical golems, and oversized bugs in this roguelike action platformer. Your deal with the God of Death will bring you back as many times as it takes to slay the Feathered Serpent, each attempt bringing new items, levels, and story progression.


Released on 11 Jun, 2024, developed by Gameplete, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy

About the game: "Heroes Wanted" immerses you in a world of endless deck-building possibilities. Over a hundred of heroes and items, combined with elements, unleash powerful synergies. SIMPLE, FUN, and ADDICTIVE! Heroes await your call to deliver the ultimate blow to the Demon Lord.


Released on 9 Jun, 2024, developed by Thomas Horne, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Indie, Simulation

About the game: Photochemistry is a challenging 2D puzzle game about synthesizing chemicals to sustain plant life in a post-apocalyptic setting. Design and construct elaborate mechanisms to produce complex compounds from simple particles.


Released on 8 Jun, 2024, developed by Humble Reeds and published by Armor Games Studios. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Casual, Simulation

About the game: Foster a sanctuary for frogs and restore the biodiversity of the wetlands in Kamaeru, a cozy frog collecting game, where you take pictures of frogs, play mini-games and decorate your habitat. Hop right to it!


Released on 7 Jun, 2024, developed by Raptor Byte, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Action, Indie, Free to Play

About the game: ‘Gemini: Binary Conflict’ is a multiplayer, class based, first person shooter set in the midst of an interplanetary war. The game features a colourful visual style, unconventional weaponry, equipment, armour, class roles and modes, to provide a subtle mix of familiar and unusual game mechanics.


Released on 5 Jun, 2024, developed by riolucci, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Indie

About the game: Grab your magnifying glass and peek inside a series of tiny dioramas filled with crimes and carefully crafted mysteries! Think outside the box and solve them all in this new brand of detective game!