New Steam Games with Native Linux Clients with Retro Commander and Sand:Box - 2023-11-29 Edition


Between 2023-11-22 and 2023-11-29 there were 16 New Steam games released with Native Linux clients. For reference, during the same time, there were 197 games released for Windows on Steam, so the Linux versions represent about 8.1 % of total released titles.

Here’s a quick pick of the most interesting ones:


Released on 27 Nov, 2023, developed by Zanthous, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Action, Casual

About the game: Match a variety of colorful shapes in an ever-enclosing space in ​this addicting match two puzzle game


Released on 24 Nov, 2023, developed by WorkingTitle, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Casual, Indie

About the game: Battle your friends in an office chair joust to the death! Only one of you can be employee of the month, so battle your friends in a variety of game modes and levels. Get on your office chairs and take your Coffee Brake! Coffee Brakes is a 3rd year project developed at Media Design School


Released on 24 Nov, 2023, developed by Noble Master LLC, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Indie, Strategy, Free to Play

About the game: Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy wargame (RTS).


Released on 24 Nov, 2023, developed by smellymoo, self-published. [Steam Store Page]

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation

About the game: "Falling sand" style particle sandbox, now with circuits!