New Steam Games with Native Linux Clients – 2022-12-01 Edition

Between 2022-11-24 and 2022-12-01 there were 18 New Steam games released with Native Linux clients. For reference, during the same time, there were 181 games released for Windows on Steam, so the Linux versions represent about 9.9 % of total released titles. Here’s a quick pick of the most interesting ones:


Released on 30 Nov, 2022, developed by Kornyart, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Genre: Indie

About the game: A choice-based visual novel game about science, division, and the false ideology of knowledge. Each and every one of your choices will determine whether the disciplines will end in unity or complete division. The key to eternal knowledge is in your hands.


Released on 27 Nov, 2022, developed by TRIK Soft, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Genre: Casual, Free to Play, Indie

About the game: How good a runner are you? Compete against other players in the ranking of the best runners.

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Released on 25 Nov, 2022, developed by Midnight Mood Studio and published by Unexpected, .
[Steam Store Page]

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie

About the game: Antioch: Scarlet Bay is an online cooperative narrative adventure. Play as two detectives working together to solve a murder in the shadowy city of Antioch. Wander in a city filled with characters with their own agendas and attitudes, all your decisions change the story and lead to multi endings.


Released on 24 Nov, 2022, developed by Game Fabric, self-published.
[Steam Store Page]

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Early Access

About the game: A single-player space shooter with hard-science weapons and physics.

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