New Reports ProtonDB: Top 20 Games in June 2019


Continuing on the ProtonDB analysis, here’s something that is probably useful for most of you, me included: the list of NEW games that had no report until June 2019 on ProtonDB, by order of popularity along with their ProtonDB rating. It tells you what people are trying out on Linux and how well they are supposed to work, so for me it’s almost as good as a shopping list. Here’s the Top 20:

1Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night6050
2My Friend Pedro2720
3Kao the Kangaroo: Round 21919
5Muse Dash98
7Cooking Simulator62
8Monster Girl Island: Prologue64
9Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up54
10Trover Saves the Universe50
12Devolver Bootleg44
13F1® 2019 Anniversary Edition41
14Pocket Rogues43
15Rescue HQ - The Tycoon43
16Children of Morta30
17Cris Tales33
20Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble33

So… a few observations first: 15 games out of 20 are reported to work well, almost out of the box with Proton (Gold and Platinum ratings included). That’s some serious progress there.

The most popular title has been, OF COURSE, the latest game by Igarashi, who is famous for his work on the Castlevania series and more particularly Symphony of the Night, which is in my opinion the best Castlevania game ever made. **Bloodstained **was supposed to get a Linux release but they decided the cancel it during development because of some stupid middleware they chose (!) but once again Proton saves the day and you can pretty much play it out of the box on Proton. It’s been getting excellent reviews so far.

The second most popular title (far behind!) is My Friend Pedro, a 2D-like shooter with bullet time mode a la Max Payne - here it is running on Ubuntu with Steam Play:

Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2, is a 3D platformer reminiscent of the old 3D games from the PS1 era. It does not look great, but it may be aimed at younger audiences I guess? Here it is running on Proton again:

**Space Engine **is not a game per se, rather a universe simulator. It looks gorgeous and lets you explore any planet in the galaxy (of course, this is not based on actual data since we know very little besides the boundaries of our solar system):

Muse Dash is a rythm game with strong Japanese/anime vibes. If are in lack of something like Taiko the Tasujin, this may be something to strive for:

Last but not least, Octopath Traveller is a new retro-looking RPG made by Square Enix and Acquire. It’s some serious fan service for those want like large pixels like they never existed before LCD screens with 3D on top like it never existed at the time either. I find the style questionable but I have heard good things otherwise. HexDSL did a video about it:

And that’s pretty much it for the new games that were tested for Proton in June 2019!