New Games You Can Play With Proton Since April 2020


A new month has begun! I don’t know if all of you guys are in lockdown but this shit is getting a little tiring, even with a truckload of games to play. Talking about new games, Proton does not disappoint and keeps bringing some of the jewels we can only find on Windows.

Let’s look at the list of the most popular reports on ProtonDB for the month of April… as usual “Gold+” refers to the number of reports in April that were either “Gold” or “Platinum” in rating, meaning that you could either play them out of the box or with a minor tweak to make them launch. Such ratings don’t exist anymore per se on ProtonDB but they can be recreated based on the provided user data.

Usually most games receiving new reports are NEW games, but this time I don’t really know why but a bunch of Linux Gamers went grave-digging in their library to test for the first time super old junk games. Collateral damage from the COVID-19 ?

1Fallout 76393
2XCOM®: Chimera Squad2717
4KARDS - The WWII Card Game96
5Arcade Moonlander86
6Endzone - A World Apart88
7The Search87
8Autobahn Police Simulator76
9Automobilista 266
11We Went Back62
12A Mortician's Tale54
14Escape From Tethys55
15Keyboard Killers54
16Mod and Play50
17Streets of Rage 452
18112 Operator40
19Dragon Marked For Death42
20Dreamscaper: Prologue41

Let’s see… quite a few titles actually.

First Fallout 76 - it does not run out of the box, but you can get around it with protontricks:

The comes XCOM Chimera Squad, as demonstrated less than a week ago by our good friend HexDSL - which is a XCOM game focusing on the tactical fighting without any of the resource management pieces:

Cloudpunk, just released a week ago, seems to work out of the box, but some reports say that there are some performance issues. This is an adventure game set in a future that looks a lot like Blade Runner.

Kards is a world war 2 themed card game a la Hearthstone. It’s free to play, and apparently works right out of the box with Proton. I have not tried it, but be careful, as such games’ pricing model consists in making you buy cards to win against online opponents.

Endzone - a world apart, is a mix between city management, survival games and Fallout as it takes you into a post-apocalyptic world. Seems to work perfectly well under Proton. Note that it’s an Early Access game.

Automobilista 2 is another Early Access game, that works apparently out of the box on Proton. Here’s a video running on Linux below. Note that this game apparently focuses on the simulation models rather than graphics, at least for now:

Streets of Rage 4 is a reboot/recreation of the original Streets of Rage games with modern graphics (similar to Wonderboy a few years back) - it did not work on Proton in the first place, but it does if you use Proton 5.0-7RC by modifying the launch settings. Here’s a video of it running on Linux:

While not a new game, do not forget that Street Fighter V works on Proton (5.07-RC) since last week as well! We had a whole article dedicated to it a few days ago.

That’s it for now! If you think there are new games (out in April 2020) that should be mentioned here, let us know in the comments!