New Games Working on Proton in July 2019

It’s still summer. It’s still hot, pretty much wherever you may be reading this (Australia excluded I guess?). And it’s still a good time to stay indoors, put a fan or air conditioning, grab a cold drink and enjoy some games. But which games? Well, this report is here to tell you what you might as well try out that should be working well with Proton. Thanks to ProtonDB reports, here’s the top 20 new games that were tested by the community (i.e. they were never tested until now – most of them are recent releases, but a few are older titles):

1Wolfenstein: Youngblood2315
2Love is Dead64
3Break the G̵amè̢̢͘55
5NAIRI: Tower of Shirin52
6Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition40
9Ravenfield: Multiplayer Mod42
10Totally Reliable Delivery Service Beta44
12Hot Shot Burn33
14Nightmare Reaper32
15Pro Cycling Manager 201930
16The Hand of Glory33
187th Sector22
19AO International Tennis20
20Blazing Chrome21

So, let’s see… A New Wolfenstein, running on Linux with Proton below. It’s by far the most popular game reported on this month. Careful though, this game has been absolutely destroyed on Metacritic (user score at least) so you may want to consider it twice before purchasing it.

Gloomhaven, an adaptation of a board game…

Automachef, a resource management game with puzzle elements:

Totally Reliable Delivery Service, a funny game relying heavily and physics and awkward controls. Note, it’s still beta:

Atma, a 2D adventure game that’s actually free on Steam:

Hot Shot Burn, a 2D deathmatch game:

KillSquad, a beat’em up, shoot’em up kind of retro style, but in 3D:

The Hand of Glory, a point and click adventure game. Not sure if it’s super recent though:

7th sector, a puzzle game where stuff happens only in wires:

There will be more ProtonDB related news in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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It’s worth noting that the latest Wolfenstein has been review-bombed by fascists, alt-righters, and white nationalists who don’t seem to get that the franchise was always all about killing nazis.