Medieval Total War II Not (Yet) Coming To Linux

Yesterday Feral released Medieval Total War II for the Mac Store, and since it was apparently under the Mac/Linux-labelled “Royal Scam” in their releases’ radar, we had been wondering what had happened with the Linux port. Unfortunately, we sometimes get some bad news, and here’s one today, confirmed by Feral themselves (extract from their email answer):

This release was a special treat for our loyal Mac App Store fans. We haven’t announced anything about Medieval II for Steam for Mac or Linux, obviously if that changes we’ll let you know! The radar thing was just an unfortunate glitch in the system, which we’ve now fixed.

I guess this does not mean it may never come to Linux, but at least this confirms that they have no plans at this stage to release a Linux port, so we should probably put a cross on it until we hear otherwise. Maybe later in 2016 ?

In other news that we have not covered yet, Attila Total War was released a few days ago as well, and while it’s a welcome addition it does seem the port runs horribly on our platform (folks reporting 10-15 fps on high-end configs). Be aware of that if you decide to buy it for the holidays.

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It’s on linux now :-0