It’s been a few weeks already that our now former colleague, Mark Dougherty, has decided to venture on a solo mission to create his own Linux dedicated website, called Linux Gaming Central. Now that the site has quite a few articles (and a logo) under its belt, it’s a good time to feature what you can find on it. Mark will continue to delve in his favorite topics, such as:

He’s going to deliver at least one article per day, including a news roundup around the end of the week.

While we will all miss Mark’s great work at Boiling Steam, we are very happy to see more blood going into more diverse Linux-related coverage. There’s still relatively few serious websites touching upon Linux Gaming - and no doubt that Mark’s Linux Gaming Central will be one to bookmark!

A few useful links:

And just like Boiling Steam, no ads, no paywalls, clean as can be. What’s not to like?!

We all wish a great future to Linux Gaming Central. And Mark, many thanks for the great years together.