Linux Games Count... 6 Months Later


Back in December 2015, I had looked at the evolution of the Steam Games Count on Linux, as we were about to close the gap to 2000 games in a matter of months. Now it’s time to look at the trend again. At that time I had expected, if the trend were to remain the same, that we would pass 2200 games by the first of June. Did we make it ? Well…


Actually, no. But we are very close, at 2185 at the time of writing. As you can see the slope gave the impression of accelerating back in December (hence causing the overestimation), and since then there was a slight inflexion but the overall trend remains valid. I was actually surprised to see that we are so close to 2200, It seemed like a challenging target at first (about 500 games more compared to the last post in December). Note that as per other recent post, we are not just gaining in counts, but also getting a wider variety of games genres overall.

So now let’s try to make predictions again, for December 2016. Using the present points and a trendline, it seems we could be reaching as much as 2800 games by the first of December 2016. This represents an increase of more than 610 games versus where we are now.

We will check again where we are half-way down the road.