Ikaruga + Proton = Perfection

It’s going to be a short post today. I just wanted to show everyone how well Ikaruga [斑鳩], the famous Japanese shooter, runs right now with the latest Proton 4.2 from Steam. It’s been running well for a while, but only since Proton 4.2 did the small Vsync glitches disappear completely. They were barely visible before, but just like a pimple on someone else’s face, once you notice it, you can’t take your eyes away from it.

Note that the gameplay example is not just a regular video! It’s also a simulation of someone really akward trying to play Ikaruga. An actual performance. Acting, you know? Believe it or not, I am actually not that bad when it comes to shooters. For real. I will have to show you one day. Just give me some time to get ready, ok?

Note that if you like Ikaruga’s concept (where enemies’ bullets with the same color as your ship cannot harm you), you may want to look at Pawarumi, released last year, using 3 colors instead of two. Beware: it’s not as good as Ikaruga (of course, the golden age of shooters is long past).

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Might want to look at 1:19 in the video, very clearly a glitch where everything including you and enemies suddenly vanish and there’s no trace of the enemies when you reappear.

Not exactly perfection and very noticeable.


Apparently it’s a problem with the PC port. In Dreamcast and GCN versions, enemies were supposed to stop spawning a bit before changing scene giving enough time for those still alive to reach the bottom of the screen and despawn before starting the forest scenario.