Heroic Games Launcher 2.1 Now Supports Gamepad Control in the Interface


A quick post today following the recent release of the new version of Heroic Games Launcher, the unofficial (and FOSS) client for the Epic Games Store on Linux (and other platforms). The latest update brings several changes but the most interesting one is the addition of gamepad support. You can now control most of the interface using a connected Gamepad (I tried it with Xinput and it was recognized instantly) and modify settings and launch your games with it. This makes for a better experience a la Big Picture Mode, and this is a very welcome addition as the Steam Deck is about the be released!

Here’s a video of how it works:

Note that you cannot use the gamepad to navigate in the Epic Games Store tab itself, since it uses an integrated browser and not the regular interface anymore. So to grab your latest “free games” from Epic, you will have to keep using a mouse for a while longer. Additionally, I hope the developer can provide some different settings to navigate between one title to the other as for now, going right and left makes you stop on every icon of each game’s options, resulting in a longer process to go from one game to the next. Nothing too problematic - anyway this is great news, and I hope you can give it a try as well.